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How to decide on your marketing channels

On my journey as a growth marketer, I’ve always been obsessed with finding the right marketing channels for companies. Every growth marketer will run into testing new marketing channels. That’s why I want to give you all my learnings from: Selling & executing online marketing services to SMBs Working at

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Why you need to know the constraints of each customer acquisition channel

Each customer acquisition channel has its own constraints. Knowing how long it will take to get results, the costs, the amount of customers, if you’re in control and how detailed the targeting is can be a great factor in deciding what channel to pursue. If you match the constraints of each channel, with the needs of your business, it suddenly got a lot easier to decide which channel could work.

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When to start a/b testing and what to test

Many people want to immediately start experimenting, testing and learning. But are you sure it’s time for a/b testing? In this article, you’ll learn exactly when you can start a/b testing and what you should a/b test in every step of the funnel.

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