[Webinar] How to run experiments as a B2B company – G2 Reach 20201 min time well spent

1 min time well spent

Everybody excites us to run experiments. Amazon, Netflix and Facebook all tell you the crazy amount of experiments they run at just one moment in time.

But, for B2B companies it’s a lot more challenging:

  • We have less and more variable data
  • Long sales cycles mean everything can mess up our data
  • With tons of touchpoints, attribution becomes a nightmare

However, it’s still possible! By either optimizing babysteps or going after the “big stones”. I’m going to tell you how you can run experiments in these two ways and how to find these new opportunities.

Lastly, I’ll show you what we tested at 3D Hubs, Hollands’ next unicorn, including the vital learnings from our experiments. You will leave this session with having a grip on what you can actually do to run experiments in the right way for your B2B company.


Learn how to run experiments as a B2B company


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