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When to start a/b testing and what to test

Many people want to immediately start experimenting, testing and learning. But are you sure it’s time for a/b testing? In this article, you’ll learn exactly when you can start a/b testing and what you should a/b test in every step of the funnel.

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Companies I've worked with

Niels is curious and driven by knowledge. Niels works hard and smart. With every task he looks carefully how he can use technology or data to get it done faster. If you need an engaged, data driven growth marketer, Niels is your guy.
Marketing Lead Link at Springest
Bram Speelman
Niels is an energetic teamplayer with a problem solving attitude.
Managing Director at Eyecons
Karl breukink
A go-getter who rolls up his sleeves with hands-on knowledge and expertise to deliver results.
Co-founder at BLACKBEAR®
Joep Wittebrood
Niels truly kicks ass. Although I have a lot of knowledge about SEO as a copywriter myself, he gave me totally new and effective advice to speed up the growth of Copyfy. High five man!
Entrepreneur at Copyfy
Marion Smid
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