As a world traveller and co-founder of Traffic Family – a 7-figure affiliate portfolio company that employes 15 people and acquires websites – I offer affiliate site owners a plan to double their affiliate revenue in 3 months: The 2x Income Incubator.

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You’ve tried out a lot of things with average to no success. You know you should produce content, experiment with different channels and come up with the proposition. You just don’t know how.

Until you’ve figured out how, you’re never going to grow as much as you’d like.

Work without a clear strategy is killing your potential

Metric driven

You need a strategy based on your traffic, CTR, commissions and conversion rates.
With a solid ROI in the centre of it all.

Sustainable growth

A deep understanding of content, your niche and competitors is the way to go. No BS hacks or cheap tactics that are meaningless in the long run. 

I help affiliates starting out or already making revenue

Numbers I own

All while travelling the world and living the digital nomad lifestyle.

One simple decision or tweak can increase your conversion rate with 30%, get you that sponsorship deal or avoid you waste a week of your precious time on that useless project.

And that’s why I created the…

The 2x Income Incubator

Double your affiliate revenue in 3 months.

The actionable game plan + follow-up for affiliate site owners already earning between €500-€10.000 in commissions/month. to double their revenue in 3 months.

For a one-time fee of €299.

What you get:
✅ 1 hour call where I answer all your questions
✅ The customized game plan on how you can double your affiliate site revenue in 3 months
✅ Ask follow-up questions up to a month after the call so your implementation of the action points will be bullet proof.

Request the 2x Income Incubator now:

GUARANTEE: If you (for any god forgiven reason) leave the call and still feel unsure that you can DOUBLE your affiliate revenue in the next 3 months, I will 100% re-imburse you the whole price.


you experience moderate success and want to take your affiliate site to the next level?

You’ll leave the coaching call with clear next steps and feedback on your website on what to do to double your income.


The Opportunity Podcast

We talked about:
- How the Dutch market compares to English-speaking markets
- What I'd do different if I'd start an affiliate website now
- What I think the trends are for the Dutch market
- The main challenges of the Dutch market
- The opportunities of our market
- Buying vs. selling affiliate sites
- Multiples to expect when buying Dutch sites

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7 Figure SEO Affiliate Marketer: Niels Zee Q&A on Building Passive Income Machines

We talked about:
- Finding Your Niche
- Content is King (and Queen)
- Keyword Research is Crucial
- Building Your Affiliate Empire
- Buying vs. Building Websites

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