As a freelancer I help companies up their marketing game based on data-driven decisions. 

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Who I am

I’m a growth manager at StuDocu, a platform where 12 million students a month share and consume their study resources.  Ever since I discovered growth hacking 6 years ago while walking in Silicon Valley, I haven’t been able to let it go. My job is to channel my passion for the craft to my team, company and potentially your audience.
I’ve spoken about growth at universities, companies, podcasts and conferences. I’m the ‘Growth Hacking Expert’ of Tekkieworden, an initiative created by, TomTom and the Amsterdam municipality to get more people into tech. The Next Web and Accenture named me one of the Netherlands’ most promising people in digital business. 

Numbers I've owned

+53% new customer revenue

In 3 months. 6-figures. Via Google Ads. For a B2B manufacturing platform.

+423% revenue from SEO

In 6 months. 5-figures. With linkbuilding and better content. For a B2C webshop.

Automating 6 SDR's jobs without losing a single customer

In 1 week. Via marketing automation. For a B2B manufacturing platform.

+260% visitors from SEO

In 6 months. 5-figures. Improving user experience and content. For a news publisher.


Companies I've worked with

What I do

Customer development

Find out when, why and how they make their buying decisions.

Customer acquisition

Leveraging the right channel mix that’s a fit to your product and customer.


Become distinctive and essential in relation to all the available alternatives.

Marketing automation

Nurturing leads to increase conversion rates and automate sales.

Experiments & processes

Turning successful experiments into processes to scale up.

Content strategy

The right blend of different content formats for leads, authority and reach.

What they say

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