I help companies up their marketing game based on data-driven decisions. 

Companies I've helped grow

Numbers I've owned

+53% new customer revenue

In 3 months. 6-figures. Via Google Ads. For a B2B manufacturing platform.

+423% revenue from SEO

In 6 months. 5-figures. With inkbuilding and better content. For a B2C webshop.

Automating 6 SDR's jobs without losing a single customer

In 1 week. Via marketing automation. For a B2B manufacturing platform.

+260% visitors from SEO

In 6 months. 5-figures. Improving user experience and content. For a news publisher.

Not satisfied with your current ROI from all your marketing efforts?

You’ve tried out a lot of things with average to no success. You know you should produce content, experiment with different channels and come up with the perfect value proposition. You just don’t know how.

Until you’ve figured out how, you’re never going to grow as much as you’d like.

Acquisition without strategy is killing your potential

Metric driven

You need an acquisition strategy based on your funnel metrics, CLTV, margin and conversion rates. With experimentation in the centre of it all.

Sustainable growth

A deep understanding of the customer, industry and competitors is the way to go. No BS hacks or cheap tactics that are meaningless in the long run. 

Are you a startup in need of someone who will fully own every aspect of marketing?

Here's how I can help you

Combining these elements will be the base of our growth strategy.

Customer development

Find out when, why and how they make their buying decisions.

Customer acquisition

Leveraging the right channel mix that’s a fit to your product and customer.


Become distinctive and essential in relation to all the available alternatives.

Marketing automation

Nurturing leads to increase conversion rates and automate sales.

Experiments & processes

Turning successful experiments into processes to scale up.

Content strategy

The right blend of different content formats for leads, authority and reach.

What they say

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I’m available to a ‘Marketing Lead / Head of Growth’ position.

I can work fully independently and created marketing strategies – from scratch – for multiple happy clients. Now I want to take the lead to get both your company as my passion for growth marketing to a higher level.

We’ll hop on a call and find out your biggest challenges and what the position entails. You’ll always leave the call with actionable next steps and some quick wins.

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